Grounding, I do belong

with Martin Aeschlimann

We will get to know a part of a very old shamanic Cherokee teaching in the tradition of the seven sisters.

Grounding why is it so difficult to be grounded it’s a key life theme it’s about connecting yourself to the ground, to the present, to your wishes, to your hole energy………everything within you that includes your light and your shadow as well we create a sacred space we will go into contact with our lower self, that means we connect our life energy, our heart, our relation to the earth and we will feel this connection through our body we can learn about: to be present to stay in our energy what’s love ‚as it is within, so it is without‘ and i belong here it is a physical experience of your own energy

Sabato 15 ottobre ore 10.30/16.00

Studio Portale, Muralto CH

it costs 120.-sFr

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